A Gift Such as This…

by Leila


It was pretty watching the snow begin to fall two and a half weeks ago, so needed for the area, winter had been so mild. I didn’t even mind that it was still snowing three days in, exactly two Friday’s ago, but I was beginning to become concerned. It was snowing so lightly the entire time, but the time was adding up as were the drifts. Then day four hit, the day to pack, grab one last pre tan and go to bed early for the early morning flight. By noon the snow was over two feet deep, by 2:00 p.m. our flight had been cancelled. I was sad.

Several months earlier we had been offered the most gracious and generous of gifts, our new in laws had invited us to join them at the Vacation Villa they were heading to, on the Sea of Cortez. Viewing my weather app brought no joy that sad day. Eight degrees in Bend, Eighty Eight in Cabo. sigh…

Props to Alaska Airlines for rescheduling thousands of cancelled people in a patient and timely manner and having us on a plane a few days later.

I love flying into Mexico, I love the desert landscape that surrounds, the craggy mountains with the juxtaposition of the crystal sea is simply breathtaking. Steping off the flight and onto the warm tarmac, I simply sighed out loud to Bill, “mecca.” In warmth and sun, we feel at home.

Arriving at the Villa, greeted well by our hosts, we were humbled at what stood before us. The most beautiful Spanish Style home, filled with the style and art that we love. Stepping through and opening to the most perfect yard, pool, outdoor living spaces and a vast view the Sea of Cortez with the grace of a gentle ocean breeze, just wow. Such a gift.

Villa Pool

After a guided tour of the stunning grounds and all this property had to offer, we cleaned up, jumped in our fun little Go-Cart type vehicle and headed to dinner at the most splendid setting this side of the moon. This was the beginning of a week of wonderful dinner conversation around various shared tables, from the most stunning, to cheap mexican downtown, to backyard, to the most elegant we’ve ever experienced (yay for Valentines Day.)


We spent the remainder of the week, waking each morning to the sounds and smells of the kitchen with the blessing of a maiden feeding and cleaning up after us each day. This in it’s self is a lovely thing to simply enjoy each day. Such a gift.

After breakfast Bill & I tended to head to the club pool of this beautiful resort. We thought it wise to give our hosts a bit of time away from my constant chattiness and Bill’s current obsession with learning Italian. There were whales galore, tide pools filled with crabs and sea life and even a view of not only Cabo, but our Villa (the red roofs in the distance) along with our fab dining spot (the white umbrellas in right hand corner.) Yes, we were no longer snowed in. Such a gift.

day view

lunch view


daed guy


We had adventures into the city, where Bill’s exuberance gave us a run for our money. Thankfully the wiser or shall I even say smarter of the group, led us back down to the beach to find a spot for chips, salsa,  guacamole and maybe a few too many happy hour margaritas. It’s funny the crazy surrounding of Mexico, the things I usually dislike quite a lot can be some of the richest and sweetest of moments in life. We sat there eating, drinking and talking about the great waves of life. Much like the beach we were facing, they go in, they go out, some are gentle, some scary, in it all it’s really love and beauty we find in the end.

Our evenings were filled the with shared dinners I’ve mentioned above and conversations of the mind and heart. The truth of the matter is my son married into brains, good choice since he’s filled them them too. His new family, they are Einstein smart and I am not exaggerating in the least bit here. It’s pretty special for this simple minded gal to sit and listen. Channing, Michael’s new brother in law has followed after his father and has the mind of a great genius I can barely comprehend, yet the heart of a gentleman. Listening to these two men engaging with my Bill; and me with with my Son’s mother in law (who I literally fell in love with, I saw our Claire more in her as each day passed) was evening after evening spent doing one of my very favorite things, talking and getting to know knew people. Such a gift.

As vacation was coming to an end we came to the conclusion that, it should be as I believe each and every vacation should end when you’ve the sea at your back door. On it, the sea that is. We were happy to find a Sunset Sail that was a bit off the “booze cruise” trend and instead catered to those who love “Jazz and Wine.” Our demographic exactly!


Now what fun is this!

B & L 2


And the beauty of that sky. I personally always think of it as a painting by the greatest of Masters.


sunset 2

Sadly the only shot we got of the four of us, somehow we seriously stunk at taking photos this trip and don’t even have one of the kiddo (well who am I kidding he’s 25 and a prodigy, but a kiddo in my heart) Channing. The smiles speak for themselves, this was a very fun evening. We ended at the Villa of Grace, in the pool, the hot tub, with a little more wine and lots more conversation.


I tend to be one who is always ready to go home from vacation, this time I wasn’t. I suppose it was the air, the sun, the most amazing resort I’ve ever personally experienced, the companionship of a lady friend, the pools, the ocean, the people of Mexico who are so lovely and on and on.

These are the words I have to express the thanks that I feel in the depth of my being. I honestly do not know what more that I could offer the Congers for their love and generosity to us that could ever compare with what they’ve blessed us with. Such a gift.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

A couple of images of the quarkyness of Mexico that I simply enjoy!