January 6th

by Leila

Yep, this one is a true brag.

I’ve an offspring who’s not fond of people knowing when his birthday is. I’m confident that the whole bashfulness about the thing is much my fault. Unfortunately when your day of birth falls on January 6, your celebrations as a child can be a bit lack-luster. I really did make an effort to do birthday honor but with post-holiday everything, it was often somewhat of a challenge.

Because of this reserved birthday attitude, I really can’t write on his FB wall or even tag him in this post, because then it would be out, the date of his birth revealed for all the world to know.

At the same time, when your first born son turns 30 years old, your heart does a large amount of flip-flopping, pondering, remembering and surging with pride and such. And since I can’t be with said son to celebrate the move on from his 20s and into the day that marks three decades of life, a blog post it is.

As you can see this son was an adorable little boy, he shined with skill of organization and intent for life from the time he was two. Yes two and it has yet to wither. From the lined up EVERYTHING running through our flat to the mind that always needed to know, “what are we doing next” it’s no surprise this son of mine has accomplished so much in the few years of adulthood that he’s had. He’s been my go to when I need help coordinating just about anything there is and he was that kid who wanted to learn how to do everything, always.

I guess that’s how you buy one of these off of Craigslist:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.35.25 PM

and make this out of it:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.34.46 PM

And since they’ve now outgrown this one, he is currently refurbishing a vintage trailer he bought for something like $250.

This young son met a very bright and cute girl he liked when he was 13, patiently waited till he was 18 to date her. I’m sure he always new this beauty was the woman of his dreams. It’s amazing actually, they are such the prefect match, complimenting one another so well and as a young married couple, now they’ve been kindreds over half their life times. I personally think that’s very cool.

Senior Picture, too cute.

photo 2

This son has a tremendous commitment to his family, all of it and it’s a big one. Between his dad, I and his in-laws, he has five siblings, six siblings-in-law, three sets of grandparents to his own children and and 11 nieces and nephews. He makes a conscious effort to devote time to all of them.  As a mom, I have heard him tell his siblings face to face, knowing he means it from the bottom of his being, “I’m always here for you.” I’ve witnessed that promise out loud in his life over and over.


I secretly want to talk about this son’s accomplishments, I know he’s going to be a bit bothered by this blog because he is truly humble. But this guy, he is so amazing. A mom should be able to say, right?! It’s not simply the leadership all through High School, the participation in Band, the playing piano by ear, the Jazz drummer, the choir singer, the wakeboarder and boat driver, the faithful long distance friend, the youngest Starbucks manager at the time, the young homeowner, the guy who went back to school to pursue a dream, working the awful hours that the food industry brings and making the plans and taking the leap of faith and beginning a business of his own (that’s a success already after just one year of operation.) He is genuinely gifted and talented in a bazillion areas and I’m crazy proud.

Yet above that, it’s this man’s integrity that touches me the most. The words I’ve heard him speak, the life I’ve watched him lead, the people I see him touch, the conviction he has on running a small business, the private acts of kindness I’ve witnessed him practice, the commitments I’ve watched him keep, the aid I’ve seen him bring, the love I’ve felt him share, the thoughts I’ve heard him contribute. This son of mine is a man of true integrity and I’ve been blessed to observe him grow and grow more deeply in that each year of his life.

This is my son Wil. He’s 30. Isn’t he handsome! He such a good, good guy. I’m so delighted that I get to me his mom he makes my heart swell with great pride.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.32.56 PM

And this is his beautiful family, they are wonderfully adorable and fantastic!

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.04.29 PM

Happy Birthday son, I love you so very much.

~ Mom