me golden’s golden

by Leila

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I’d never heard of a Golden Birthday until I had children. They’d always be excited when it came up, that once in a lifetime opportunity for that special day. I think I did very little to acknowledge their golden days actually. I suppose it’s simply because it occurred when they were quite young. You’ve got 31 solid years for it to happen. For my three oldest that day arrived well before they were even teens, their mom had a blog that she finds things to write about to share with all of humankind and by golly it was even before the wondrous connector of all things, our foe and our friend Mr Facebook. So I apologize HWM no Golden Birthday Blog for you.

But then there’s my baby, she is golden, look at the hair. It is her golden and I have now have a blog, so I’m writing this post for her and to honor that Golden Birthday!

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Circa 17 years old

For your Golden Laura Elizabeth I’ve decided to send 8 Birthday Wishes to you. I came up with this magic number plainly by taking the two digits from your golden day and adding them together. 2 + 6 = 8. So here you go my 26 year old baby daughter. Birthday Wishes from me to you.

Wish #1

Scan 2

Circa 1989 | Your first trip to The City, San Francisco on the Ferry

I wish you travel to lands that are unknown and fascinating. I hope you find the courage and have opportunities that abound to see this world beyond our great Nation one day. To touch and know others that share this planet with you, that are so incredibly different yet so very much the same. It’s a fantastic World out there and it’s my wish that someday you get to see and experience that in real life.

Wish #2


My guess: Circa 1992 | The beach at Lake Tahoe

I wish you to know how deeply I love and adore you. Your complete breathtaking beauty, that fierceness that dwells within you at every level, your desire to be known, understood, accepted and loved for exactly who you are; who you and I know God made your to be. And your brokenness, I’m grateful how it’s stretched you, grown you and blessed you even in all the hurt and pain. I love you so much.

Wish #3

Scan 1

I think Circa 1993, your brother’s 5th Birthday Party

I wish you cake! I wish you this because I always wish for cake on my own birthday. It’s so yummy, it’s so fun and so special and it usually comes with friends. Along with this wish I add wishes for occasions and opportunities to arise in your life where you get to bake cake for others and cook a meal for them as well. I know you love blessing people with your cooking abilities and I wish you to have more times like that in your life.

Wish #4

Scan 3

Circa 1995 Grandma & Grandpa C’s backyard

I wish you eyes that will see much of what we all keep missing. I wish for you love for humanity. I wish for you arms for the broken-hearted and a heart for the ones forgotten. I you wish these because I look at your big beautiful eyes in this picture and I see that depth, that inner person, that knows love and desires to pour it out. I believe this is where pure love is found, by giving it to those in need.

Wish #5

Scan 4

Circa 1995 or 1996 | I think…

I wish you a life filled the friendship of your siblings. I personally know how much you all love one another and although life’s circumstances of distance and time bring separation, I wish you to know one another and always have each other’s back. You are four amazing people, y’all need one another for good.

Wish #6

Scan 6

Circa 2003, maybe…

I wish for you a home of your own someday, a place that you call home. I actually pray this for you quite often. I deeply desire for you Laura, my young adult daughter to have a home, a real home, that you share with your true love. I wish one day you’ll have that crazy joy that comes from caring for your home and that you’ll will be able to invite friends in and share good times with others in your very own home.

Wish #7


Circa 2011

I wish that somehow, someway, someday we could continue this tradition every five to ten years or so. With our crazy differences and our wonderful likenesses. To continue to enjoy each other, all together, for a weekend just having very good wholesome fun.

Wish # 8

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.42.45 PM

Circa 2 days after your 18th Birthday

I wish for you to know and love your beauty inside and out, to believe in you, the gifts you’ve been given, the heart that’s so good, the brain that is uniquely made and supremely aware, that power that’s down so deep and is true and perfect. I wish you to know the Love of God that surpasses all understanding and I wish you to have exactly what I hope is wrapped up into all of these wishes together; truth, beauty, purpose and meaning in your life. As you enjoy this Golden Birthday and go forward toward that that waits before you, may these wishes come true. You’ve got so much to live, you’ve only just begun.

And lastly, I will end with this. Wanting to write about this golden birthday I needed inspiration to help get started and my thoughts flowing. Therefore, of course I turned to the other big brother out there, the one we all truly do love and adore, Goggleisciousness.

It’s a must that I close with what you end up with when you google ‘golden’ images. This I believe will make your birthday have one more added smile.

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Happy Birthday Sweet Pea, may it be Golden.

Love Mom