I am a somewhat hopeless one

by Leila


I think I’m growing weary to tears of the pride, resentment, anger, hate, judgment, condemnation, disrespect, scorn, complete meanness that I constantly see on Facebook. We all know that it goes from one extreme to the other and that it will never end. Could we just once in awhile strive to pull our heads and hearts out of the mire of self and look at the great big world around. Just maybe we would see that the attributes that I list above actually accomplish zero good ever.

It’s my uneducated guess that haters are going to hate what they hate, haters are going to love what they love, lovers are going to love what they love and lovers are going to hate what they hate. So in the end we are all haters somehow and all lovers. The truth is: And it’s clear enough, isn’t it, that we’re sinners, every one of us, in the same sinking boat with everybody else . Romans 3.19 paraphrase Eugene Peterson

Why, just why, with this the case are we always so busy looking at each other. We are all wrong and messed up. I know I am, the building blocks of bad decisions, wrong thinking and selfish behavior never seem to end in my life; my tower is high. I wonder what Facebook would be like if we each were working and focusing on ourselves in a, ” I want to be a better person way.” I have two people that I follow that actually do this consistently. It’s amazingly refreshing, encouraging and freakishly beautiful. FOR REAL


I know I’m ranting just like everyone else. At times the hopeless moderate in me gets riled, gets saddened by the fighting and just wants it to end for one day. Sad thing is disasters / human tragedy used to make this happen. It seems anymore these also just bring more fighting. sigh….

I know a lot of people make fun of it, it’s song, the repetition, the simplicity and such. For me today I think I’d simply like to plop myself in the boat and glide through the gentle waters and see the images that remind my soul, “It’s a Small World.”


Sorry for the rant, I’ll probably delete it before it’s ever read much, not that many read me anyway. (o: BUT if you do. I beg you to read this book. Read it past your anger of the first couple of chapters, plug through, listen to what this man is attempting to share with us, read it to the end. It’s a story I need to hear so desperately, to be reminded. There’s a much bigger picture that is really important. That picture is called humans and they are hurting.


And I know, I’m a simple thinker. I get that opinions and thoughts matter. Being a simple thinker though, my heart is burdened that people matter, all people. They all deserve what each of us hope and long for, everyone of us.